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Greater Glory: Priestly Intercession

This book describes the Levitical priest’s duties in the tabernacle/temple and offers analogies from their ministry on how a Melchizedek priest is to seek, enter, and dwell in the holy presence of God. The book explains the New Covenant ministry of a priestly intercessor and the necessity of living a holy life and abiding in Christ in order to experience God’s greater glory. The author believes the glory of the living temple will be greater than the glory once seen on the mercy seat in the Holy of Holies. She invites you to answer the call of Jesus, our High Priest, to a consecrated life of priestly intercession.

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He Leadeth Me

This book was taken from forty years of journals Bev kept throughout her life. It details how God's amazing grace and providence led her all the way. Her story is filled with wisdom, insight and encouragement. The events she shares from her experiences over the years are filled with both laughter and sorrow. She shows the overwhelming faithfulness of God every step along the way. She reveals the transforming power of living a life full of faith. The book is organized in a unique way so as to weave scripture throughout, making God's word practical and relevant. This book reveals how Bev heard the still small voice of God leading her throughout her life and shares how the reader can hear that same voice to lead them. She is not just sharing what she has learned over the years but what she has experienced following the Good Shepherd day by day. Reading this book will guide you in finding Biblical principles to help you get through your own life journey.

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